Tax consultancy


Tax consultancy

AUDINEX Firm supports its clients through all the fiscal issues that can occur during the normal exploitation of their company as well as during exceptional operations they intend to achieve.

The AUDINEX firm can provide any kind of advisory concerning the following aspects:
  • Permanent tax consultancy of the company;
  • Optimization of the fiscal situation of the company from the point of view of income, assets management, securities investment…
  • Preparation of VAT exemption or refund files;
  • Study of fiscal aspects related to the operations with non-residents (Tax residence, existence of stable establishment, Tax income place and method)
  • The AUDINEX firm assists and advises his clients on the application and repercussions of the current fiscal texts during exceptional operations such as:
  • The realization of study and evaluation of fiscal risks occurring during transfers, repurchases, mergers of companies or transfers of the properties between companies;
  • Risk assessment resulting from proposals of fiscal assemblies;
  • Assistance for obtaining of the categorized Tax payer status ;
  • AUDINEX can insure any mission related to fiscal due diligence as well as establishment of fiscal risk cartographies.

    AUDINEX puts its knowledge of international taxation at the service of companies' projects, drawing on its experience in this field.

    In a globalized economy, it is important to be aware and informed of the fiscal implications of exporting or setting up an international business. AUDINEX offers its knowledge of international taxation to help companies set up their business projects, drawing on its experience in this field. AUDINEX advises national and international clients on setting up and auditing their transfer pricing policies.

    AUDINEX is involved in securing transfer pricing policies, diagnosing risks, preventing and resolving double taxation, managing tax costs related to international mobility programs, etc.

    The Tax Department also advises foreign groups when setting up in Morocco. It helps foreign groups setting up in Morocco to optimize the shareholding of the Moroccan subsidiary, considering the impacts of international tax treaties, and to ensure compliance with Moroccan tax requirements.

    AUDINEX defines itself as a reliable partner in case of contentious proceedings.

    AUDINEX assists economic operators in the settlement of tax issues through the conduct of all procedural rules to be followed with the administration and the competent courts.

    It assists companies during tax audits. It advises them during the audit procedure and accompanies them during the contradictory adjustment procedure.

    It asserts the rights of taxpayers before the tax authorities (complaints, tax refunds, etc.). This support also takes shape on the ground with the various interlocutors within the framework of the procedures provided for by the legislation.

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